Why Should I rent a Perspective Photo Booth for my event?

Perspective Photo Booths prove to be the HIT of the party at every event. Guests would rather go into the photo booth than dance these days! No JOKE!

Because Perspective Photo Booths are AWESOME with AWESOME attendants!

How many guests can Perspective Photo Booth fit?

Perspective Photo Booths range in size, but the majority of our booths can fit up to 6-8 guests.

What is the size of the Perspective Photo Booth?

Pipe and Drape: 5 feet wide x 8 feet long x 7 feet high Hard Enclosed: 4.5 feet wide x 7.5 feet long x 7 feet high Step and Repeat: Sizing can fluctuate and be as large a 8 feet wide x 8 feet tall

What geographical areas does Perspective Photo Booth service?

We are located in San Francisco, and primarily service the greater San Francisco bay area. For events outside of the bay area, please contact us for travel.

Is a Perspective Photo Booth wheel chair accessible?

Yes, Perspective Photo Booths are wheel chair accessible. The owner’s father is in a wheel chair. With her father in mind, she wanted to be sure that disabled guests could enjoy the fun of a photo booth too!

Where is the best place to position a Perspective Photo Booth at my event?

We recommend positioning the photo booth in an area with the most foot traffic so your guest know that the photo booth is there to enjoy!

If you cannot position the photo booth in an area with a lot of foot traffic, we recommend 1) A sign that points to the photo booth, and/or 2) Have an MC announce where the photo booth is, and that the photo booth is there for the guests to enjoy.

Do we need to provide a table for Perspective Photo Booth?

Perspective Photo Booth is known for being well prepared and does everything to accommodate our clients. If the venue has a table we can use, we would love to use a table from the venue. If a table is not provided, we can bring our own.

If you would have opted for the scrapbook station, we recommend a 4’ foot table so guests have room to glue, write, and be creative!

Do Perspective Photo Booths print instant photo strips at the event?

Yes, our photo-strips print within 15 seconds from the time you pose for your last picture.

What kind of printers does Perspective Photo Booth use?

Perspective Photo Booth’s are equipped with the best DNP brand photo dye sublimation printers in the photo booth industry. Our photo printers automatically cut the photo strips in 10 seconds.

Does the rental include an onsite attendant?

Yes, we will have an onsite attendant present at every event. Our photo booth attendants have stellar knowledge of photography and the photo booth state-of-the-art equipment. Perspective Photo Booth wants our clients to feel confident that lighting will be perfect, and all equipment is efficiently operating throughout the length of your special event.

Does the rental include set-up and breakdown of the photo booth?

Yes, the rental includes set-up and breakdown of our AWESOME photo booths.

What is idle time?

Idle time is when the photo booth is temporarily turned off by the request of the client during an event. We can turn off the photo booth during speeches, dinner or entertainment. Please ask us for our reasonable rates.

Does Perspective Photo Booth offer any specials or discounts?

We do our best to run exciting specials that really make our clients happy! Please inquire with us about our specials.

Why should I choose Perspective Photo Booth instead of another photo booth company?

Perspective Photo Booth has set ourselves apart in the San Francisco & Greater Bay Area by being a high quality service oriented business. We pride ourselves with experienced knowledge of everything from event photography, floral, make-up, hair, catering, linens, event planning and overall design. The owner is a designer and artist at heart, and operates her business in an outward focused manner. We do not thrive on making a quick buck, we thrive on giving you and your guests the best experience possible. With that being said we are all about pleasing, you, the customer.